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Is Something Keeping Your Blood Pressure Elevated?

You try to do all the right things for your health. You keep tabs on your blood pressure and visit your doctor regularly. Yet, your blood pressure is elevated, and your physician wants to start you on an antihypertensive medication or add another one to your regimen.

Sometimes you may have to look beyond the typical hypertension risk factors and consider a secondary cause of high blood pressure.

A Brain-Boosting Buffet

You eat fruits and vegetables to help your heart. You limit salt and sugar to keep your blood pressure and blood sugar in check.

Now, what are you eating to bolster your brain health?

Prostate Cancer Screening: Beyond the PSA Test

There may be no aspect of men’s healthcare more controversial than prostate cancer testing.

Proponents say screening with prostatespecific antigen (PSA) blood tests and other methods saves lives because it detects prostate cancer at an earlier, more curable stage. Opponents note that screening can lead to complications from invasive biopsies and treatment of tumors that may never threaten a man’s life.